How to ensure that Bitcoin stays completely anonymous?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gradually gaining a more or less defined legal status and more popularity. Check the place of the bitcoin mixer in keeping transactions anonymous right now!

How to receive income with the help of cryptocurrency?

From the point of view of the expediency of using any means, the best way to receive permanent income is to receive passive income – dividends and interest from investments. In this case, bitcoin is no different from ordinary currency – it can also be invested in various projects and used for passive income. And in this case, the question arises about where to invest bitcoins for interest.

It is already impossible to imagine the modern high-tech world without cryptocurrency. Money is gradually changing, like the rest of the environment, from paper versions to digital. This innovation was necessary to simplify human life as much as possible. At least, that was the original noble purpose of cryptocurrency. 

The purpose of virtual money was originally the same as the main purpose of ordinary notes and coins. Electronic resources were to become another way of exchanging goods and services in the virtual space. But it so happens that nowadays, digital money is mainly bought and sold in order to make money on the difference in exchange rate jumps.

YoMix Bitcoin mixer – keep your funds safe 

Cryptocurrency mixer is a service that allows users to mix their digital assets with other users’ tokens while maintaining privacy. After transferring funds through the best bitcoin mixer, no one will ever find out where they came from and who exactly made the transaction (the service hides the connection between the sender and the recipient) — everything is as anonymous as possible.

The service includes a random time delay mode for each transaction if the user selects multiple recipient Bitcoin addresses. YoMix has also proven itself well; it has excellent reviews for its smooth operation, user-friendly interface, and fast transaction processing.

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